10 Point Service Check-In list

We all know getting your vehicle serviced can be stressful. Life is stressful enough so Village Tire & Auto Repair has put together a 10 Point Service Checklist to help make any trip to the shop a little less stressful! Before heading to the shop make sure you ask yourself:

Do We Have Your Current…?

1) Name and Address

Keeping your contact information helps us to customize your experience. Be sure to let us know if there are any changes we need to make to your account such as a change of address or last name!

2) Daytime Telephone Number

This is the most direct way for us to get hold of you in regard to your vehicle and the services we are providing. Be sure to keep this up to date so that we can minimize delays in the progress of your appointment

3) E-mail Address

Keeping an e-mail address on file gives us the added option of sending your estimates, quotes or invoices straight to you for review without the extra trip to the shop! That’s also how we let you know about any specials or promotions that could save you money! Do we have your e-mail on file?

Have You Provided Us With….?

4) Master Key

It is important that our technicians have your master key, as opposed to your valet key, when your vehicle is in for service. This is because the Valet key has limited abilities and may not provide us access to areas of your vehicle that may be required for service.

5) Key FOB & Wheel Lock

Do we have the gadgets we need to complete your service? If your vehicle has a key FOB separate from your master key please be sure to drop it off with your master key at every appointment. Along with your Key FOB, please be sure to let us know the location of things such as a wheel lock key that may be required for servicing.

6) Auto Insurance Card

When requesting a loaner vehicle for the length of your appointment or having your vehicle inspected, please be sure to bring your current automotive insurance card with you. 

7) PA Registration Card

Valid registration cards are needed when bringing in a new vehicle (whether it be new to you or a vehicle we haven’t seen yet), when having your vehicle inspected and when requesting a loaner vehicle for the length of your service appointment.

8) Driver’s License 

When requesting the use of one of our loaner cars, we do require that you provide your valid driver’s license for review.

Have You Notified Us Of Any/All…..?

9) Problems or Symptoms

Are you having a particular problem? Diagnosing any current or potential problems with your vehicle is our goal! Let us know as much information as you can, including any indicator lights that may have come on, when bringing your vehicle in for service. Sometimes even the smallest symptom that may seem unrelated can be the deciding factor in a diagnosis!

10) Requested Services

What is it that we are addressing at your appointment? Inspection? Oil Change? Check Engine light? All of the above? Maybe you just want us to check it over before embarking on your next road trip. Whatever it may be, make sure to be as clear as possible when scheduling your appointment as to what you would and would not like the mechanics to address at your service appointment. 

Remember this list and your next visit will be a piece of cake!

Written by autoshop-dev