Tire Repair in Lansdale, PA

Looking For a Patch or Replacement?

Need Help With a Flat?

Have you ever been stranded with a flat tire? Village Tire & Auto Repair in Lansdale, PA understands how a damaged tire can completely ruin your day. Traveling any further could worsen the puncture or release air pressure. Calling for help means giving up on the rest of the day’s plans. We designed our tire repair services with convenience in mind to keep our customers moving even when their car can’t. Call our emergency roadside assistance team for a tow to our shop or swap on the spare to get here safely. Enjoy free WiFi in our comfortable waiting area while we inspect the damage. We guarantee same-day service for all of our repairs or we’ll find alternate transportation to get you back to your day. We pride ourselves on our reliable repairs and prompt service. Our team keeps our customers rolling on safe and durable tires!

Quick, Convenient & Qualified

Village Tire & Auto Repair thoroughly inspects tires for damage to determine whether they can be safely repaired. A tire patch is a fast remedy to get customers back on the road, but might not be the safest solution. Depending on the exact kind of damage to your vehicle’s tires, our tire specialists may be able to plug or patch the puncture. Be sure to catch the damage quickly before too much air pressure is lost! A truly flat tire will need replacement. If the tire is torn or if the puncture is not within the tread area, a patch won’t provide a safe, long-term solution. We’ll need to pop on a new tire instead. But you don’t have to worry about the criteria of tire repair, our qualified technicians have the expert knowledge to take care of things. Visit our location in Lansdale, PA (750 N. Cannon Avenue) for quick, convenient and qualified tire repair.

We Are Tire Sales Specialists

Sometimes, tire damages cannot be safely patched or repaired. When that’s the case, the tire must be replaced. Luckily, Village Tire & Auto Repair is Lansdale’s tire sales specialists. Your vehicle was specifically designed to drive its best on an exact size and fit of tires, so not just any replacement is sufficient. Driving on with the wrong set of wheels for your car and driving purposes decreases fuel efficiency and causes further problems. Our tire specialists provide the proper tire for your specific vehicle model to improve safety and handling. As ASE Certified technicians, they also ensure your wheels are perfectly aligned for optimal performance and efficiency. We help our customers get the most out of their tires and vehicles with precision tire services. Call us today at 215-368-2343 for a thorough inspection and assessment of your tires. We look forward to serving you!