Winter Tips and Tricks

Winter Car Care Tips:
Do a full inspection of your vehicle making sure to check the following:

Air Filter,  Antifreeze, Battery,  Brakes,
Distributor, Emission Filter,  Engine Coolant,  Engine Oil, Fan Belts, 
Fuel Filter, Gas Pedal, Hoses, Ignition, PCV Valve, 
Spark Plugs, Tires, Windshield Fluid, Wiper Blades.

Keep Basic Tools  In Your Car!
 Heavy Duty gloves, Jumper Cables, Properly Inflated spare tire,
 Jack, Tow and Tire Chains, Basic automotive tool kit,Wheel wrench.

Create a survival kit for your vehicle!
First Aid kit,  Warm blanket, Bottled water, Hand warmers,
Individually packaged snacks, Warm clothes (hat, gloves, boots, extra clothing),
Fold-able shovel, Safety absorbent or cat litter,
Notepad and writing utensils, LED flashlight and batteries,
Engine oil, Washer fluid, Extra cell phone or car charger,
Ice scraper and snow brush, Reflective triangles, Flares, Coolant

Keep Your Vehicle Clean!
Road salt can be very hazardous to your vehicle. It can cause rust and other issues if not addressed in a timely manner.
It is most important to make sure that you keep your undercarriage clean as this is the most popular area for road salt to
accumulate and cause damage to your vehicle.

Winter Car Care Tricks:
You can use rubbing alcohol or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove ice from your windshield without scraping! 
Spraying your windshield with rubbing alcohol or the vinegar mixture the nght before expected weather or temprature
drops can also help to keep the ice from even forming!

Hand Sanitizer can be applied to your key  or to your lock and door handle to help melt ice and get you into your car more quickly!

Use PAM cooking spray in your door cracks and on the rubber linings to keep your doors from freezing shut! 
The PAM will keep all of the water that can get stuck in your door moving so that it never has a chance to settle and freeze your door shut!

Shaving cream can be used to keep your windows from fogging up! 
Simply spray it on and wipe it off! The shaving cream has many of the same ingredients as de-fogging products and will help keep you fog free! 

Similar to the last trick, Fill a sock with kitty litter and put it under one of your front seats or on your dash when you leave your car for the night to help keep your windows from fogging up!
 The litter will absorb any moisture in the air and keep your windows from fogging!

If you can, park your car facing east to allow the sun to melt away ice before you leave without having to blast your heat!

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Written by autoshop-dev